About Us

Welcome to JK Earthing Electrodes

Our business is focused on the protection of man and the environment. Founded in 2003, we research, design, develop, manufacture and market high technology systems which solve very specific problems in specialized area of earthing/grounding system. From dedicated teams of design engineers developing new products to meet the ever-changing demands of the market place, to accredited engineers that can design earth electrode systems to Indian Standards or any other recognized national or international standard, JK technical expertise is focused on the customer.

Our object is to supply safe and efficient products of the highest quality based on state of the art technology utilizing the latest manufacturing processes in accordance to both national and international standards. In this way, we provide our clients with solutions they can trust. Chemical earthing process is defined in IS 3043:1987 (Code of practice for earthing) under the term of “Artificial Treatment of Soil” and JK Earthing Electrodes confirm to the same. The equipments and gadgets were also designed & manufactured in such a way to withstand by the method of rounding/earthing for electrical use. The earthing system is being continued to till date without much changes and no revolution in the earthing system. On the contrary, much modernized & sensitive components are being used nowadays for which no appropriate growth or inventions in the grounding/ earthing system except the same traditional methods and hence JK Earthing Electrodes came up with the solution which has fetched very good results for electrical safety